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                                                                                       What is a Blowout?


A blowout is the process of getting your hair shampooed, conditioned, and styled by a trained professional using a blowdryer and styling equipment.  BLO II Vista, Blow Dry Bar uses round brushes and sometimes flat irons, curling irons or other styling tools.  This sounds like something really simple (right).....however, there are many factors that will effect the outcome of your fabulous blowout—from the equipment used to the quality of products used, coupled with the training of the Stylist.  Our Stylist have made blowouts into an "Artistry". Once our Stylist have "blown you away" you will be coming back for more.....there is nothing like a fabulous blowout! 


                                                                                                                       What is a Blow Dry Bar?

Blow Dry Bars emphasize affordable services in an upscale and fun atmosphere. Blow Dry Bars do not provide any coloring services or cutiing service (only a end trim). They’re a popular choice for women who want professional styling at a reasonable cost -- our clients consider them an “affordable luxury.”  In keeping with the bar format, blowouts are done at a bar setting, and customers receive a complimentary glass of wine to enhance their enjoyment as well as an IPAD to surf the web during their service.  BLO II Vista, Blow Dry Bar services all textures and lengths of hair. Our average appointment time is 50 mintues (Great for a lunch break!).  However, Longer appointment times may be necessary due to add-on services, extremely long hair or special request styling. BLO II Vista, Blow Dry Bar supports environmental safety and boasts of trained stylists who avoid the use of harsh chemical and sulfur-laden products. Hair can be maintained “healthy and au naturel.”  Our Stylist pride themselves on being the best at blowouts.......because that is all we do!


                                                                                             Do Traditional Salons offer Blowouts?

Yes..most do.  Most salons price their blowouts by hair length and expertise of the stylist. We offer one price regardless of length and type....$40 (how cool is that?).


                                                                                         How will you protect my hair from heat damage?

BLO II Vista, Blow Dry Bar is equipped to prevent heat damage, we’ve invested in the best blowdryers and styling tools. Our Stylist pay special attention to your hair so we can guarantee fabulous, healthy hair! 



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